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George Turner

Meet Our CEO: George Turner

Expert Protection, Personalized Care

With nearly 40 years of law enforcement experience, George Turner is one of the most sought-after subject-matter experts in the fields of law and order, physical/ corporate security, executive leadership/management and emergency response.

As a loyal public safety professional, he led the operations of the largest law enforcement agency in Georgia. In 2010, Turner was appointed the Chief of Police for the City of Atlanta. He was integral in the paradigm shift of the policing profession. Under his leadership, the Atlanta Police Department targeted gang violence, alleviated aggressive panhandling, and enhanced police officer recruitment efforts. Atlanta’s crime rate dropped to a 40-year low with a 27percent reduction in crime. In 2015, the Homicide Unit had an 84-percent clear-up rate.

Additionally, Chief Turner understood the importance of combining new age technology and old-fashioned police work to fight and solve crimes, deploying the latest technological advancements as part of the Department’s crime-fighting strategies including video surveillance and predictive policing. After respectfully serving, he retired from the Atlanta Police Department in December 2016 and moved into the private sector.

In 2017, Chief Turner was named the Vice President of Safety, Security, and Parking for the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club and State Farm Arena. When Atlanta’s current administration sought his expertise again, Chief Turner returned on loan from the Hawks to the City of Atlanta in late 2018 as its Public Safety Commissioner. As Public Safety Commissioner, he coordinated Corrections, Emergency Preparedness, Fire, and Police and helped make them function more cohesively. He returned to the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club following the assignment in April 2019.

Chief Turner has received numerous commendations from the Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for his work on protective details with various U.S. Presidents, high-level officials, and heads of state. He has worked closely with the State of Georgia and other local law enforcement on a wide array of special assignments and details.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Chief Turner was educated in the Atlanta Public Schools and attended Clark Atlanta University. He holds a Bachelor of Art degree from Saint Leo University in Criminal Justice and a Master’s in Public Administration from Columbus State University. He completed the United States Secret Service Academy Small Detail Training, Police Executive Research Forum (Senior Management Institute), and Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Command College.

He has been married to Cathy Turner for 40 years and they are the parents of four adult children and eleven grandchildren.

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Our Core Values

Integrity & Excellence: Our Driving Force

Our core values are centered around integrity, respect, and teamwork. We strive to maintain high ethical standards in all of our actions and interactions, while promoting inclusivity and collaboration to drive success.


At T4 Enterprises, innovation drives our solutions to bring you the most advanced and effective security strategies.


We know that honesty, ethics, and principles are crucial to a business's success, so we always act with integrity.


Diversity is a core value of ours, and we strive to foster an environment that values and appreciates everyone.


We prioritize consistently performing at a high level and striving for the highest quality in all aspects of work.

Atlanta’s Premier Security Service Provider

Meet Our Team

T4 Enterprises Security Service team comprises highly trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions to their clients. They leverage their expertise and cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety and protection of their clients’ assets and personnel.
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George Turner


As a loyal public safety professional, George led the operations of the largest law enforcement agency in Georgia

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Our Process

Securing your Future,
One Step at a Time

We provide a customized security solution tailored to your unique security needs by taking a comprehensive approach. Our three-step process includes consultation, security assessment, and the creation of a personalized security plan. Our focus is on understanding your security needs in order to develop an effective plan that is perfect for your business.


Reach out to us for a consultation so we can address your security needs.

Security Assessment

Thorough security assessment to identify risks and vulnerabilities.

Custom Security Plan

Effective implementation of your customized security plan.

Award Winning Security Guard Services

Protection With a Purpose, Awarded and Renowned

At T4 Enterprises, we understand the importance of protecting your possessions, both physical and digital. That’s why we offer award-winning security guard services tailored to meet your needs. With our years of experience and security guard training, we ensure that all of your assets, from property and cash to valuable information, are safe and secure.

Contact us at T4 Enterprises to get the best in award-winning security guard services. Get peace of mind knowing your business and assets are safe and secure with experienced and dedicated professionals.

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Top Security Service FAQs

Addressing Your Concerns

Reading through the frequently asked questions section can help you understand the most common inquiries and provide you with quick answers to your questions about T4 Enterprises’ security guard services.


Yes, we do offer customized security and bodyguard services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team of highly trained and experienced security personnel will work closely with you to understand your security requirements and provide tailored solutions to ensure your safety and protection. Whether you need personal protection for a high-risk individual, secure transportation services, or event security, we are here to help. Contact us to discuss your specific security needs and learn how we can assist you.

The process for booking security guard services with T4 Enterprises is simple and straightforward. First, you will reach out to us to discuss your security needs and determine the type and number of guards required. Then, we will provide you with a quote and, once you have agreed to the terms, we will schedule a consultation to assess your specific requirements. From there, we will create a customized security plan tailored to your needs and schedule the security guards for the dates and times you require. Our team will be available to answer any questions and ensure a smooth and seamless process from start to finish.


Yes, T4 Enterprises can provide both armed and unarmed security guards, depending on the client's needs and preferences. The level of security required, the nature of the location, and local laws and regulations will determine whether armed or unarmed security guards are necessary or preferred.

T4 Enterprises provides 24/7 security guard services to ensure the protection of their clients' property and assets around the clock. Their security guards are trained to handle various security concerns and emergency situations, and are available to respond at any time of the day or night.